Do you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome?

Does eating a simple meal cause you stress because you cannot plan the rest of your day due to irritable bowel syndrome episodes?

Have you been to doctor after doctor, AND tried every medication on the market and still suffer from irritable bowel syndrome?

Would you like to discover what is causing YOUR irritable bowel syndrome? What would you give to finally be able to eradicate your IBS for the rest of your life? Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects millions of Americans. Both male and female are affected.

First, you must understand that there are multiple causes triggering this annoying You may feel alternating periods of diarrhea and constipation. You may feel bloating and cramping immediately after eating meals. In some cases, this bloating and cramping may even develop several hours after eating. You may even feel that you cannot empty your bowels completely. Sometimes a white mucous can even be noticed in stool.

IBS – or irritable bowel syndrome – CAN cause other health problems to develop. Actually, MANY other health concerns can be directly related to gastrointestinal disorders. And yes, IBS can cause defects to occur in your gastrointestinal lining.

Now, since you are reading this you must have already been diagnosed by another physician with IBS. And you must have already tried some recommended dietary changes, medicines, therapies, etc. and you still suffer. And like most patients, keeping a diary has not helped you to pinpoint what is the cause of your condition, right?

So, let’s get right to the point. IBS can be caused by one or more of the following:

NEUROTRANSMITTER IMBALANCES: In your brain, there are specific regions which control your colon. In each of these regions there are chemicals called Neurotransmitters which may, due to a variety of reasons, be out of balance leading to organ malfunction.tion.

FOOD SENSATIVITIES: All of us have certain food sensitivities. Most people often have food sensitivities which go undetected. Blood tests and stool tests will determine exactly which foods are causing gastrointestinal irritation. Just as some people eat certain foods and break out in a rash or hives…you may be sensitive to foods and IBS is your expression of that sensitivity.

BLOOD SUGAR PROBLEMS: Most commonly people who suffer from IBS have insulin problems, ie. Insulin Resistance, Hyperglycemia or even Type II Diabetes. A comprehensive blood test can determine your blood sugar levels.

GALL BLADDER FUNCTION : Some people have their gall bladder removed. This will cause regular irritation of their intestinal digestive process. If the gall bladder has not been removed, most often it needs some support. Blood tests can determine if there is an underlying gall bladder problem. Regular bile acid production is one of the keys to normal intestinal function.

STOMACH ACID LEVELS (pH) : Hypochlorhydria aka low stomach acid production – even without GERD – can lead to protein fermentation in the intestines. This will cause irregular bowels.

ADRENAL GLAND OVER/UNDER ACTIVITY : Stress hormones are created by the adrenal glands. Regular function can become impaired due to stress. An adrenal stress test can help to pinpoint another piece of the puzzle related to your IBS problem.

As you read this information you can definitely understand there MULTIPLE TRIGGERS to your IBS. Only through proper testing and appropriate intervention can you rid yourself of this terrible problem.